Greetings brave Warrior, I am Asgar! If you are a newbie here, I can tell you the basics and share with you some tricks and secrets. 
What is this about?
Four Vikings
is a free browser-based game in the medieval area, where you can win free rewards for playing it. That’s cool, right? But how do you do that? Nothing is really free in these days.
Well, this website wasn’t designed to replace your day job, so do not submit an official resignation letter to your employer just because you have found this website, at least not yet 🙂

We just want to motivate and reward you for playing this game and that’s why we have added small rewards to the game.

Right. So what is the point of this game? Is it even a game?
As said above, Four Vikings is an RPG (a role-playing) game where you are (especially in the beggings) not so powerful and important Viking without weapons, shields or special equipment and no experience from the battlefield.  Your main task is to break into a Fortress and steal gold from it.
As you gain more experience, you will be able to upgrade your character, be more powerful and stronger Viking. 

To get inside the Fortress is not that easy as it may sound because it’s (obviously) very well secured against uninvited people and intruders like you.
There are several ways how to more effectively steal gold from the Fortress.

Practice makes Perfect – Free Upgrades
By practising you will gain more experience and you will be able to break into the Fortress and it will take more time to detect you. This will give you more time and you will be able to take out more and more gold from the Fortress.

As a Viking, you are Never Alone
If you want to increase your efficiency, you can always visit Blacksmith, Healer or Pub to get more help.
You can trade gold for Silver and invest it into upgrades or useful add-ons. There is always plenty of stuff you can choose from.



Upgrade your Shields & Collect More Golds from the Fortress


The Healer is a new character in the game, but he is always ready to make a deal with you.
You can get special game currency by mining directly in your Browser and unlock cool rewards!

Silver & Gold
As you may already know, in this game we are using two game currencies Silver & Gold. You will earn Gold every time when you break into the Fortress. You will need Gold in order to win rewards.
You can trade Gold for Silver and buy upgrades as well.

Silver Mine
There is a way how to purchase new weapons, shields or addons without trading precious gold. Nearby from the village is a huge Silver Mine. You can always go there work and you will get Free Silver for all upgrades.

Get a Free Beer on us!
If you need more help, you are always more than welcome to visit our Pub where you can get a free beer on us, chat with others or ask any question.